The novel JANE follows the adventures
of a teenage slave on the Underground
Railroad, where she meets interesting
people and overcomes daunting

Over the course of the novel, Jane
grows into a confident and successful
young woman, as she seeks freedom
and a settled life.

All of this is presented against a
panorama of the attitudes of people in
both the North and the South during the
months leading up to the Civil War.

Action in the novel continues through
the 1861 Riots in Baltimore, the Siege
of Washington, and the First Battle at
Bull Run (Manassas).

The story begins on a large plantation
in Tidewater Virginia, where Jane is
taken advantage of, and then falls into
a forbidden love which is doomed to
have a tragic end. Before that can
happen she finds herself in an
unexpected and violent escape.

The novel follows Jane’s adventures
along the Chesapeake Bay, then into
Philadelphia and Lancaster County in

Each character -- villains and heroes,
abolitionists and slave catchers,
activists and bystanders -- gets his or
her own voice. Through this device, the
reader is introduced to varying opinions
on slavery and secession among a
variety of characters in both the South
and the North, including the often
conflicted attitudes about slavery and
war of the Quakers in Philadelphia and
the Dunkards (related to the Amish) in
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as
well as the differences of outlook
between house slaves and field slaves,
masters and slaves, Irish and African-
Americans, and more. The reader gets
a vision of slavery and 1860-61
attitudes and life as they really existed.

This is a story of adventure, a coming
of age, and the meaning of love and
affection. It includes tales of ambushes,
narrow escapes, rescue missions,
robberies, chases, scenes from life in
Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland,
high-pitched political emotions, a
dramatic presidential election,
secession, riots, and battling armies.

It goes on to describe war mobilization
in both the North and the South, and
provides eyewitness accounts of the
first major events of the Civil War.

The action is set on a Virginia
Plantation, and in Williamsburg,
Hampton, Yorktown, West Point,
Deltaville, Richmond, and Manassas
Junction, Virginia; Galesville, Baltimore,
Rock Hall, Jarrtesville, and Bush River,
Maryland; Elizabethtown, Lancaster and
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and
Cincinnati, Ohio.